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Quiet (and cup of tea) 

Hello one, hello all, and welcome to the final post of song explanations from this EP!!!

Thanks for coming by. I see you. I appreciate you.


About the lyrics

Do you ever feel like there are so many things going on that you can't focus on anything? Do you ever feel like you want to chuck your phone into a bush and let some animal destroy it*? Sometimes I get in moods where I feel disconnected from people, and it feels like it's because there is so much noise in our environment. Everyone is so busy, always…

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Sad Girl 

Hello, friend. Allow me to welcome you to post #4 of song explanations. Thanks for being here.



The lyrical content of this song is quintessentially Paloma. What I mean by that is that I have a bunch of songs I've written about not knowing what to do with all the feelings I have. Specifically, this song is about being tired of being the Sad Girl* or the Mad Girl* all the time, and therefore deciding that I'm fine even when I'm not. It's supposed to be a song that makes fun of myself for suppressing…

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Knights in Armour 

Ahoy there! Day 3 of song explanations here we come!!! 


Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics

The third song on the EP, Knights in Armour, is about love. It's funny, when I wrote the song, I thought it was a completely romantic, simple love song. Listening back, I can hear the suggestion of what I wanted to be versus where I was at during that time. It's really more about the inner workings of my mind while processing the progression of a relationship. There is definitely an element of love being more simple than people…

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Bite Your Tongue 


Welcome to post #2 of song explanations - Bite Your Tongue.


What the lyrics are about

I have kind of explained this a bunch since this song has been out a while, but Bite Your Tongue is basically just a song about asking to be treasured and respected. It's funny, the person I'm seeing now mentioned that he doesn't really think I have a huge need for praise (or something to that effect) so it's interesting that I have this song that basically centres around the lyric "praise me". I think we as humans…

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Silence Me 

Hi there! Welcome, or welcome back to the blog! 

Since some of you (*cough* Lorin *cough*) don't like reading large amounts of text on platforms like Instagram, and I have a lot of words to share, I thought I would bring back the blog for a brief moment to talk about the songs now that they're out in the world.

The truth is that I feel like a little baby creator in a sea of amazing people, which is actually a great place to be! However, I am honestly super proud of the five songs on this EP and I am super…

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