Quiet (and cup of tea)

Hello one, hello all, and welcome to the final post of song explanations from this EP!!!

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About the lyrics

Do you ever feel like there are so many things going on that you can't focus on anything? Do you ever feel like you want to chuck your phone into a bush and let some animal destroy it*? Sometimes I get in moods where I feel disconnected from people, and it feels like it's because there is so much noise in our environment. Everyone is so busy, always watching things, always doing things (I do this too - I am literally at a computer writing a blog post right now), and sometimes you just need to stop. Well, I do, anyways. I mean, why does every bar or big restaurant need a bunch of TVs? Sports, I know. People like making money. Okay, okay, okay okay. I think the trick to countering this feeling is actually to just take a break from social media, take a break from tasks that don't need to be completed immediately, and drink a cup of tea in silence. There are other activities that help as well, but that is the one that this song is about. Talking to chill friends helps, too. So does sleep.

*Don't do this. Recycle electronics responsibly and do not destroy innocent animals' habitats. 


I dine alone

Out and about, and in my home

I seek the silence

In a world full of garbage and violence 

So many people making noise

With their televisions and their toys

Blind to the heat of the moment


All that I need to breathe

Is quiet and a cup of tea

Free me from the screens

Let me choose what I hear, feel, and see


I miss the sea

Oh, the salty simplicity

Worlds apart are we

When our voices can't sing what they speak


(A bridge full of ahhhs and then a chorus out)


Cool Songwriting Things

- I spent some time working out the piano lines in the verse and chorus. I wanted the piano to feel like it was a voice as well. 

- My dream is to play this song as a piano/cello duo (with voices as well). Are you a cellist? Hit me uppppp

- In terms of chords and form, it's a pretty standard song. I don't really have anything to comment about that. Verse, pre, chorus, verse, bridge, breakdown chorus, outro... pretty standard, eh?

- When I played this song with Antoinette and Tess, the breakdown chorus was a cappella, with them singing string-like parts. That was pretty cool. I'd do it again.

- Adrian Emond played guitar on this one. Thanks, Adrian. 


Did you like this one? Do you have any questions about it? Tell me how you feel!


Thanks so much again to everyone who is reading these posts - I'm super excited to be sharing my music and feelings with you! Also, if you're in Vancouver, come to my release show tomorrow (October 10th) at the Anza Club. I'll be on at 8! Click here for tickets. 


Also, if you don't already know, I am changing the name of my original music project to Oatmeal Queen! That's right! My first single as OQ will be released later this month. Stay tuned. You can already reach this website though oatmealqueen.com as well, just FYI! Follow me on my new socials: instagram/facebook :) 






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